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** !! STORE NOW OPEN !! **

At this time, being almost November, there are still a few apples on the trees to be picked, pumpkins are laid out for choosing and fall decorations are in the store.  Winter holiday items will be coming in November. and still fresh vegetables and fruits in the store.  The rest of the items are the same:  donuts, honey, pies, syrup, jellies, salad dressings, snacks, pot pies.  Sheets are ready for pre-ordering pies for Thanksgiving.

Stop by, bring a friend, bring the whole family, there's no better place to get fresh produce and to support your local farm community.

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Stop by- our tasty raspberries are ready for picking starting
in early July!

Wow- there's plenty of juicy blueberries for you to pick beginning early July!

Pick from many varieties of apples beginning in

We offer mums and select your own pumpkins starting in mid-September!

Come select your
own Christmas
tree and we ship
apples and cider!
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