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Our farm raised family enjoys sharing information to assist you with healthy eating habits, family fun, and guidance for caring for your apples, fruits and fresh local produce. Here's just a few tips, tricks, kid games, recipes and resource links to enhance your family lifestyle.

Tips for Storing & Handling Apples:
Did you know that apples stay crisp and fresh for weeks if kept cold and moist. For best results, store them in a plastic bag in your refrigerator. To avoid bruising, handle your apples carefully just you would handle like eggs. Do not store apples near strong odors as it may affect their taste.

Our Farm In The News:
Interested in what our local Cheshire, Connecticut media had to say about us, check out our in the news page.

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   National Apple Museum
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Recipes from other Kitchens to Yours:
   Apple recipes from across the US
   What's Cooking America
   Healthy Fruit Smoothies - 1
   Healthy Fruit Smoothies - 2

Apple Games for Kids:
   Fresh for Kids
   Learn 4 Good - Apple Break
   Learn 4 Good - Bad Apple
   Great Apple Activity Ideas

Because we believe you care, feel free to contact us for further information, or to make suggestions to our Education page
Click here - to check out our "In The News" media article